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Oct 11, 2012 6:00pm PDT
with the obama administration. the tab an agreement to make sure we secure our gains. -- let's have an agreement to make sure we secure our gains. he failed to get the agreement. we do not have adequate because they failed to get one. that is what we're talking about. when it comes to oureter vets owe them a great debt of gratitude including your son. we also want to make sure that we do not was the things we fought so hard to get. we agreed with the 2014 transition but we want to do is make sure we are not projecting weakness abroad and that is what is happening here. this benghazi issue would be a tragedy in and of itself but unfortunately it is indicative of our broader problem. that is what we're watching on our tv screens is the unraveling of the foreign-policy. this is making us less safe. >> i want to talk to about in the middle of the crisis, governor romney and we're talking about this again tonight, talked about the weakness, talked about apologies from the obama administration. is that appropriate right in the middle of the crisis? >> on that same day, the obama administration had the
Oct 7, 2012 10:00pm PDT
as republicans have accused the obama administration of failing to respond to greater security at the benghazi office. >>> with 90% of the votes counted, chavez receives 54% to 45% for his opponent enrique capriles. capriles was expected to be the president's greatest challenger. >>> in iraq, the government executes 11 men. the number of executions are being called terrifying. international advocates have raised concerns about the fairness of trials, the transparency of court proceedings and the rumor of forced confessions. >>> natural steel pipes are being buried in the ocean bed. if a large earthquake were to hit, they could be raised to 121 feet above the water to diffuse the energy of a tsunami. >>> the man accused of killing trayvon martin plans to file a defamation of character lawsuit against nbc. >> george called and reported a black person. somebody asked him to describe someone. but the way things were edited like by nbc and others made it sound otherwide. >> reporter: three employees of nbc or the nbc station lost their jobs because of the editing. zimmerman is currently free on jai
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2